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It's the game where the longer you stick with it, the more you untap your potential. 

It's kinda like an AA Sponsor for your life goals.


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Fill out the outline

Section #1 of the outline has FOUR categories: Physical Health, Spirtual Health, Mental Health, and Financial Wealth. Start by filling out 5 activities under each category that you can acheive on a daily basis (you'll only need to do 1 of the 5 every day). Next, head to Section #2, and fill out what your long term goals are in each category. 


Find your partner

The Accountability Game is all about support, encouragement, and well, being held accountable. As such, you'll need to find someone who has similar ambition to go on this journey with you. Once you've partnered up, you'll be each other's sponsors. Exchange the outlines you've filled out with each other, so they can become familiar with your short and long term goals. 


Make the schedule

The next step is creating a schedule in which both of you will meet for a public LIVE social media session. We encourage you to aim for 3 sessions per week during your first month to have the best chance at succeeding in the game.  


Do the work!

You've outlined what you want for yourself, now it's time to put in the work! Every day it's your duty to accomplish ONE of the FIVE things from each category and document it in detail. Life can be unpredictable which is why you are allowed to skip one day in each category. However, if you skip two days in a row, you're setting yourself up for some humiliating penalties *See Official Rules Below*.


Ok so they're not that official. Modify to your liking, but hold yourself to a high standard!

  • Takes 2 to tango - you need a partner/sponsor and this IS a two-way street. You'll be encouranging them as well as holding them accountable to their goals, and they'll be doing the same for you.
  • Be able to go LIVE - a big motivator for staying on top of your goals is by being public with your progress. Your wins feel more significant when you thrive, and your losses will hurt more when you dive. Going LIVE on social media puts pressure on those who tend to procrastinate.
  • Penalty and Humiliation - Before starting the game you and your partner should decide on a list of acceptable public punishments. These can include jump squats, sing "happy birthday", bucket of water over the head, etc - get creative with it but be tasteful (don't agree to something that is dangerous or unlawful). A penalty is due when a person misses an activity in a specific category for 2 consecutive days in a row. 

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